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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

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It’s finally here!! My ONLINE CHOCOLATE WORKSHOP!!

Becca Crawford


I know you’ve been waiting for this for this moment for what seems like an eternity…..🥁🥁🥁🥁 ….the launch of my online chocolate workshop!

It’s. Finally. Here!!!

Chocolate lovers the world over can rejoice in now being able to recreate my signature sokolata and other delectable chocolately recipes in 👏🏻 your 👏🏻own👏🏻 home👏🏻

Chocolate is one of the most highly coveted foods on Earth. But not all chocolate is created equal!!! When using the highest quality organic ingredients including healthy fats, and minimal sweeteners, chocolate is transformed into one of the most medical and health-promoting foods on the planet. 

File 15-1-18, 2 25 02 pm.jpeg

In this workshop you will learn how to master numerous nutritious and delicious chocolate desserts ranging from hot, cold, frozen, room temperature, 1 minute desserts, to the dinner party worthy, but all exceptionally simple, fuss-free and nutrient-dense. Being a veteran in this field and one of Sydney’s first organic artisan chocolate makers, I have perfected the art of making “sokolata”  (chocolate in Greek) over the past decade in my renowned no-nonsense, practical approach.

In this online workshop you will receive:

1.   lifetime access to a VIDEO of just over 1 hour in length covering comprehensive nutritional theory of approximately 20 minutes and practical demonstrations in the kitchen of approximately 45 minutes;


2. a comprehensive 29 page  WORKSHOP BOOKLET covering in detail all of the nutritional theory, the recipes, equipment needed and a list of references that you can refer to at any time;


3. FREE Q&A -
as part of the package you will be able to email me any questions you may have on the workshop at any time.  

File 15-1-18, 2 19 02 pm.jpg

I show you how to create 7 of my favourite chocolate creations including the pièce de résistance - “sokolata”  - which is my signature raw dark chocolate, where I reveal my secret  “formula” with various flavor options allowing you to create your own uniquely flavoured chocolate at home. This is gold! You will be amazed at how simple and easy all of the recipes are – each one taking less than 10 minutes.

This online workshop is a must-have if: 

  • you are interested in making your own home-made chocolate and chocolately desserts very simply, quickly and fuss-free using only nutrient-dense ingredients

  • you are grain-free or gluten-free or wish to avoid all processed sugars and other processed ingredients

  • you want to transition off commercial chocolate containing processed or other questionable ingredients and want a healthy substitute

  • you want to take your health and well-being to the next level with the inclusion of unparalleled quality raw dark chocolate or raw cacao powder in your diet

  • you who want to try new delicious guilt-free things

  • you wanted to, but could not, attend my chocolate workshops in Sydney.


25 more spots opened in Sydney for Sat 23 Food as Medicine talk!

Becca Crawford

Since all 3 of my November Food as Medicine talks quickly booked out with a wait list I have opened up 25 more spots to the Saturday session (and will hire a venue!).

In this not to be missed full day talk (9am to 5.30pm) you will learn about nutrition and health in a way that you’ve never heard it presented before.

The morning talk focuses on the fundamentals of robust nutrition where I dive into what we as a species are biologically designed to eat and not eat, and the importance of the source, processing and preparation of our food. I bust mainstream myths that have contributed to an epidemic of chronic illness and degenerative disease. I discuss the 8 foundations of health and how to reduce the mismatch between our biology and our lifestyle factors to switch our genes on for the best.


Australia’s leading holistic dietician, GAPS practitioner and advocate of regenerative farming - Marieke Rodenstein from The Nutrition Practice - will hone in on the fundamentals of robust gut health (how to weed, seed, and feed the gut and the factors that affect our gut and hence our overall health).

Our collective forte is to combine the wisdom of ancestral diets with the latest developments in nutritional medicine and robust science, to provide you with all the tools and resources you need on how to nourish your body and optimise your health.

You will receive a comprehensive and unique HOW TO manual that will SET YOU UP FOR LIFE including all my meal formulas, list of recommended practitioners, shopping lists, healthy swap table, macronutrients ratios and much more.

The afternoon session focuses on reducing environmental toxicity in our home and how to healthy swap your personal care products and household cleaning products in a positive and empowering way to create a toxic free haven for your family.

An organic wholefoods lunch will be provided.

To book or learn more click here. Places will fast fast so book quickly to avoid disappointment.

Tassie! Are you ready to kick chemicals and super charge your health?!?

Becca Crawford


Tassie friends! I am SO excited to fly to Launceston to run a healthy homes/ healthy swaps/ essential oils workshop for you on Saturday 31 August 9-12:30pm focusing on reducing environmental toxins in the one environment we can control – our home!!!


What we put on our skin and breathe into our lungs is even MORE important that what we eat as our skin and lungs have no digestive filter to keep the toxins out. The ingredients in conventional personal care products and household cleaning products and even, dare I say, many of the so-called organic ones, are questionable at best and toxic at worst…penetrating into the blood stream where they accumulate in the body through daily use, slowly poisoning us and contributing to illness and disease. 

Along with empowering you to healthy swap not only your personal care products and household cleaning products for non toxic, super powerful, cost effective versions, my other main focus is educating and empowering you on how to you therapeutic-grade essential oils as potent plant medicine to become your family’s healer in the first instance. This is extremely empowering, especially as a mother!!! Whatever issues arise (whether it’s a cut, bite, sting, burn, fever, headache, digestive issue, osteo skeletal issue, sleep issue, fear, lack of focus, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance etc), it is so comforting and empowering knowing that there is a powerful therapeutic-grade oil that can work with the innate intelligence of the body to support the body back to homeostasis and to promote and maintain good health. The oils can also supercharge the 8 Foundations of Health that I’ll touch on, taking our health to a whole new level.

Having used and researched all leading brands over 20 years I will explain why Young Living are like no other essential oils on the market and what makes them unique as the world leaders in the essential oils industry with 25 years of industry leadership.

Cost is only $25 in exchange for a 15ml bottle of Young Living orange oil and 3.5 hours of robust education, inspiration and empowerment. Learn to understand health like you’ve never heard it explained before. 


I really do hope you can make it! Please forward this to all your friends to help me spread this powerful message of reducing toxicity in the one environment that we can control!

Click here to book!!