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Soulla, you are amazing....your fast pace of innovative and quality goods and recommendations is overwhelming...we are loving it...and loving essential oils...have done away wth soap and moisturiser...i just use body scrub we made at your place now ....i absolutely love it....many thanx

Ps love the diffuser too..


Hi Soulla. I just really wanted to say a big thank you to you. I've never had a one on one with you but I've been to 3 of your workshops and followed you on Instagram and your emails for about 1.5-2yrs. I'm dealing with some health issues and you have inspired me so much. I was perhaps ready to just take it all in but you have made my journey to better health invaluable.  Today I was thinking about you and how grateful I am that I heard about you 2yrs ago. Thank you for being so inspiring and thank you for all your hard work. I really appreciate it and I'm sure many of your customers do.

Have a lovely weekend

“Hi Soulla, Thank you very much for your bone broth workshop. There are so many things I loved about it- and about the way you run your workshops.

First of all the scientific based approach as well as the emphasis on the most efficient methods (time and ingredient - wise). Lots of small details that make a difference (I.e size of pot needed, etc). And also your honest and personal approach to it - which is helpful and refreshing- as well as your passion which always inspires me to eat and cook more healthy. Finally I am really thankful that in addition to your workshops you also sell your beautiful products which make for healthy fast food for the family on days when I've run out of food or too busy to make from scratch.”


“Thank you so much Soulla - such a generous, inspiring and delicious breakfast workshop!”


“Thank you Soulla for an amazing workshop last night! So informative and I really got a lot out of it. My aha moment was learning about gluten and how eventually it affects everyone not just the intolerant.”


“Hi Lovely, I just wanted to thanks you again for an epic workshop. Yet again, it was definitely worth my while…I love that there is always something new that I do learn or ‘bounce’ with you even after all these years of eating a Wholefoods diet.”


Thanks you so much for the bone broth workshop last night...and for the wonderful broth. Have to confess I have already consumed one container! Its amazing to find something that your body just recognises as being "meant to be" - it's like coming home for some innate part of us ... A collective ancestral recognition maybe :)


Soulla Just a quick message to thank you for the workshop! It was fantastic!  I am so glad I met you and so happy to see that I am not the only one who believes and wants to promote the health benefits of eating a nutrient dense diet including traditional foods.



“I am so excited for your bone broth workshop as I got so much out of the breakfast one. I have completely got rid of all grains out of my diet, I had already over time reduced to only small portions of high quality organic grains etc but you encouraged me to take that last step and am already feeling much better. I have re introduced whole milk and kefir, as well as having way more greens, and increased my meal portions, plus being a bit more creative with my smoothies. Considering how much I was already doing that I had learnt from Jen and Anthia, I am very excited to get so much from the workshop. I have already noticed my teeth becoming less transparent, its amazing how quick things can change. I also went and did a foam roller class at your gym which was really helpful too. You are doing magical work in this world and I love it!!!! Thanks for being such and inspiration.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed your breakfast workshop the other night and more importantly my daughter did too. We’ve already cooked 2 recipes which may daughter loved and asked for seconds. She hardly eats avocado but was downing it with the omelette. My eldest had the steamed greens with parmesan and pine-nuts – that was delicious! My son is loving the power bars and was downing those at 9pm last night.”


“Hi Soulla, Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I loved your chocolate workshop on Friday… was so much fun and very informative and great to be a part of something that you are so passionate about :) I also wanted to let you know that I am now a complete convert to your delicious pâté and would love to be on the email alert when a new batch is in the fridge (if there is such a thing!). I’m sure you’ll see me at some future workshops and look forward to lining up when your cookbook hits the shops!”


“Hi Soulla, Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy life to discuss the benefits on bone broth and sharing your experience. I really enjoyed the class (as well as the nuts that i purchased) and will be awaiting eagerly for your next classes that you release. I'm trying to put into practices some of your principles and slowly going to ween myself off all of the grains that I consume on a daily basis. Thanks again!”


“Dear Soulla, We would like to thank you for an exceptional workshop and your valuable time after. We have learnt so much and we can't wait to start practising your recipes. Every single one we have made on Sunday was delicious and felt extremely fresh and healthy. Our trip from NQ was worth it.” 

Jan and Chantel

“Hi Soulla!! Just wanted to thank you so much for the fermentation workshop. Best evening! Your course was incredible and you are such an inspiration! I would like to have a one on one consultation with you!”


I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed all your workshops, and how invaluable the information you gave us was. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do them. Thank you so much.


"I LOVED Saturday's workshop. I feel like I have been opened to a new world. Have already used most of the oils in the kit. Thank you very much for having the kits available to take home (so much easier than picking up from the post office). And thank you for having me in your beautiful home."


Hi Soulla! I just wanted to let you know how much I learned from last night. You've completely inspired me and can not stop researching all you talked about and incorporating and changing the way I will eat. So thank you. I was the girl in pink in the front. Totally considering bone broth now even as pescatarian. You look and live health! You should write a book!!!


“Hi Soulla, Your advice and cooking classes have inspired me to completely transform what I eat and cook for my family in 2014. Cooking is now thoroughly enjoyable, I've become very passionate about the source and processing of the food, including a thirst for further knowledge on the subject. A big thank you! It's your straight forward, easy and simple approach that really resonated with me. The wholefood journey started seriously for me after your lacto-fermentation workshop at the end of 2013. It was not an easy one to implement with the family (still a few challenges), but I knew something had changed dramatically when I came home tonight. My partner had cooked an amazing vegetable omelette for the family with a beautiful salad full of avocado, grass fed cheese, organic veggies, olive oil, apple cider vinegar etc. This would never have been the case a year ago (especially for someone who rarely cooked anything from scratch). My kids also go mad for sauerkraut, which was never the case when I first started making it. It goes to show (and I see this pattern repeatedly with my kids), you can't give up after the first few attempts. Kids eventually acquire the taste for good whole food. They even enjoyed chicken livers cooked in butter straight out of the pan to my partners absolute horror :)  I have always been one to eat really healthy (so I thought) and exercise vigorously for a few months, but it was never sustainable and would revert back to bad eating habits (a yoyo approach to a healthily lifestyle). I now never feel hungry, find it effortless to sustain my weight, and absolutely love cooking good whole food. I look forward to many more cooking classes and advice in 2015. BTW, your rice pudding recipe was a hit!”


"Hi Soulla, Great job on the work shop! Now I know where my broth has gone wrong in the past and some more ideas on what to make with it. Thank you!”


“Hi Soulla, I just wanted to let you know I have tried the lamb brains and scrambled eggs recipe and I love it! Your right, you can't even taste it, if anything it just makes it thicker which isn't a bad thing. I have been eating it for breakfast the last three days and it keeps me fuller for longer. I no longer need two lots of snacks to get me to lunch. Thanks!”


“I found your notes from our kefir workshop and just have to say to you, how great your work and commitment is in my view. I love your blog and all the tips, have been pulling e.g. for weeks now and find it has great results! Thank you!”


Thanks for the Bone Broth class on Thursday night, full of fun and inspiration. I had been intending to do a class for some time, And am thankful I finally committed, can't wait for the next, your passion and no nonsense approach has left me extremely inspired. 


Hi Soulla, Just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your beautiful food and amazing knowledge with us tonight. I was thinking as you were speaking, being a lawyer is pretty good training - your intelligence and meticulous attention to detail was evident, and of course you are a natural and passionate presenter.  I really appreciated hearing from Anthia, too. What a treat, when there is so much information and misinformation out there about healthy eating, to hear such a sensible and intelligent approach; instinctive yet backed up by science. I really appreciate it and am excited and inspired. I would love to learn more. thank you too for all the work you put into preparing the fantastic handout.



“Thank you so much for organising last night – I got a huge amount from it.  Very sore in the hips today & you’ll be pleased to know I am currently rolling my foot (under the desk)!! Thanks again”


“Soulla, thank you so much for the class last night, I really feel this will benefit me sooooo much!!”


“Thank you very much for the Foam Rolling class on Tuesday - I am officially foam-roller obsessed! It’s helping massively with my neck. You are always full of great inspiration.”



“Hi there, I have had many organic/natural chocolates over the last 10 years from all over the world… these ones have to be the best by far! My fav is the fruit and nut and cinnamon crunch… well done! Your macadamia nuts are the best too!”


“Your food is so AMAZING - I haven't tried anything I haven't absolutely loved. Thank you for sharing all your tips, I've learnt so much from your Instagram and email newsletters.”


Hi Soulla,

Just wanted to say the pate is amazing - thank you!  I've just had to stop my mother eating anymore! Cheers,


I am writing to you after last nights event at Conscious Club and having the pleasure of sampling your products - YUM! I read your information that you handed out last night and was really impressed with your business and intrigued by your journey in getting there.


Soulla, The macadamia nuts were far and away the best macadamia nuts I have ever tasted. The texture was perfect and they were gorgeous quality nuts. I must say, I find all macadamia nuts though bland relative to other nuts. I eat them occasionally (and I try and keep my nut portions pretty small, max ¼ cup on any given day) because I know they are lower in omega 6’s then other nuts. I personally prefer your almonds, cashews and walnuts (have not tried the pecans yet). That said, all your nuts are definitely the best nuts of any brand either my husband and I have tasted. Before he tried your sauerkraut and pate, my husband would have sworn black and blue he hated both. Now he loves the weekend pate lunch and eats sauerkraut with his lunch salad every day!


“Ooooh Soulla!!! Loving the smoothie totally! I drink smoothies everyday but am sparing on kefir and never added broth! Love the addition very much!” 


“Awww Soulla, the goods arrived, and oh myyyy, they are sooo delicious! The muesli is absolutely yummy (could devour it all day long) and the pate, well i have just tried the onion and date one and couldn't stop myself eating half the tub!! Yummy yummy! Thank you sooo much for making such delicious nutritious whole food, it tastes sooo good!!!”


Soulla - your chocolate bars are insane. So delicious!


Soulla, that pate is off the charts. Ate it and feel like the lights switched back on in my head - its amazing, and I'll pick up 4 next week. Thanks again, you've made a big change for me already

xx Amanda


Your products are amazing. The nuts are the nicest nuts I have ever eaten! The other snacks did not last very long.. used some of the coconut balls as a small desert and they were a massive hit. Very happy to recommend your products (and eat them myself!). I look forward to working with you and in the Eastern Suburbs.

 Dr Kate Norris

Darling I wanted to deeply thank you for the nourishment you create from your heart came through Sydney briefly a week ago on my way to Bowral for my weeks intensive school work and picked up many containers of your Chicken broth. It was such a privilege to eat every day, it sustained me through everything I was learning and going through for the week... I could feel the love and intention within it and my body loved it and I love you!! Thank you for being a trail blazer, a powerful woman and a beautiful soul... Hugs to you and your family


“Hi Soulla, I just wanted to let you know that your  muesli is so delicious …. It has the most amazing combination of flavours &  textures & our family love it ....  there is nothing else like it on the market .... Thank you so much!”