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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

April SAOW Newsletter

Becca Crawford

1. Conscious Club

The Gyuto Monks of Tibet will be at the next Conscious Club this Friday 22 April to deliver a truly rich and deep spiritual experience. I saw them last time they were in Sydney many years ago and the experience was something special. 

In an intimate setting of only 200 seats at Bondi Pavilion, 7 monks will chant their most sacred hymns immersing us in this ancient sound. The head monk will also share his personal journey and what life entails as a Monk. The stage will also be graced with Murray Kyle, Australian songwriter. And of course there will be group meditation and the Do Good challenge.

Team Star Anise Organic Wholefoods will be there handing out free samples of our organic artisan wholefoods delights  including dessert of signature raw cacao bars (yes please!!). 

To purchase a ticket CLICK HERE.

When: Friday 22nd April
Time: 6pm - 10pm
Where: Bondi Pavilion
Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach
Price: $55 $15 for a Vegan/Gluten Free meal

2. Dairy free coconut yogurt

We are so excited to announce that we are now selling Bondi Yogurt dairy-free COCONUT YOGURT in 375ml glass jars. I wasn't really happy with the quality of some of the coconut yogurt in the market after doing some research and then in walked Carolina from Bondi Yogurt with her 2 ingredient coconut yogurt: certified organic coconut and live cultures. Add in some time and love and you've got a delicious crap-free dairy-free yogurt. Being dairy-free for the past couple months while I cleared up some health issues has seriously forced me to consider and expand my non-dairy food repertoire. I feel I can be of much greater service to my non-dairy clients in my health coaching sessions. Have you tried this coconut yogurt yet?? We sold out within 24 hours so I'm tipping you think it's pretty special too. I'm really looking forward to your feedback! 

3.  Beef tallow cubes 

We are excited to announce a new product: BEEF TALLOW CUBES!

We have been selling 100% pastured beef tallow in containers for 5 years but to make life that little more easy for you we are now freezing our beef tallow into ice cube sized potions for you to conveniently melt down in an oven tray or frying pan to cook meat or veggies. I always use beef tallow when pan-frying meat (as it comes from the very animal I'm cooking) and now I simply throw a tallow cube into the frying pan straight from freezer.  So easy- this has seriously changed my life. No more chopping up a block of frozen tallow into small pieces and having to return the rest to the freezer. 

Tallow is an age-old dairy-free natural healthy saturated fat that has been used by traditional cultures world-wide for eons. You can also rub a little on your palms (with some essential oils if desired) to use as the most natural, non toxic and completely edible face, hand and body moisturiser. You can also use tallow to prevent and soothe baby's nappy rash. 

This product is proving just as popular as our beef broth cubes.

4.  Chocolate coated macadamias 

We included a packet of these in our Mother's Day hampers and too many people demanded that we make and sell them
as a regular product in 100g packets and individually for a bite sized "I've just died and gone to heaven" hit. 
If you tried my activated maccas and my sokolatas (raw dark maple sweetened chocolate) then combining the 2 is like a symphony where the end result is far sweeter, greater and richer than the sum of the parts. Sweet and salty, they make the best flavour combo.  If I had to choose just one food to eat before I died, these would be it. When I offer them to customers at Broth Bar & Larder the look in their eyes goes something like "Must I? I know I'm going to become seriously addicted to these. Please don't corrupt me further".  These are the bomb! 

5. MINDD forum

The MINDD Foundation promotes an integrative approach to healthcare focusing on nutrition. Each year the Foundation hosts a 3 day forum designed to educate patients and train practitioners in solutions for the prevention and treatment of disease. Tickets are now on sale for the 2016 MINDD International Forum held on 20-22 May. 

Whether you are a parent managing your child's chronic condition, an adult wanting to prevent or treat arthritis, dementia, diabetes or heart disease, or have a passion in nutrition and holistic health, the Mindd Forum offers solutions and a wealth of information. It is also a great opportunity to meet people in the industry. 

There is a terrific line up of international speakers. NY Times best selling author and keynote speaker Dr Kelly Brogan will be leading the sessions on women’s health which is an important part of the Foundation's initiative to promote healthy kids both through pre-natal care and healthy carers. Her book A Mind of Your Own has soared to the NY Times best-seller list. 

There are 2 streams to register in: 
Practitioner: MAPS & Mindd training for practitioners and students with strong biochemistry background. This is the stream I attends several years ago to become a certified MINDD practitioner. 

Public: Food Is Medicine, Women’s Health, Children’s Health which includes world experts on Biomedicine, Nutrition and Neuro therapies

As a MINDD partner, we are excited to be exhibiting our artisan wholefood products and will be supplying samples our raw kraut and bone broth. We wholeheartedly support the mission and important work of the MINDD Foundation and hope to see you there at this years forum! 


6. Mother's Day hampers 

Mother's Day is around the corner (8th May) and if, like me, you're over the thought of buying more dust-collecting unnecessary stuff consider our beautiful Mother's Day hampers filled with carefully selected organic artisan wholefood products that will really nourish, satisfy and delight. It's not too late to place your orders as we still have a few more hampers left.  Click HERE to view details of what's included in the hamper and how to order.

7. We are closed Anzac Day holiday 25 April.

So stock up (quite literally!) before then. 
Wishing you all a lovely relaxing Anzac Day long weekend!