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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

Mothers Day Hamper

Becca Crawford

To all the mothers out there: I salute you. I see first hand through my health coaching sessions and from meeting and talking to you every day at Broth Bar & Larder how hard you are working for the health of your families. I see the effort you put into making nourishing meals and the hurdles you are overcoming in the pursuit of providing your children with the best start in life. I am in awe of you and I want each and every one of you to take a moment to reflect on all that you do, to appreciate your worth and to take a little time out on Mothers Day to savour all of the delights showered your way no matter how great or small.

To celebrate and honour the mothers in our lives and the incredible role they play, we have put together a gorgeous hamper containing these delectable organic wholefood delights of the highest quality:

1. Chocolate coated activated macadamias: our highly moorish crispy activated macadamia nuts are smothered in our signature maple-sweetened raw dark chocolate to combine  the best 2 flavour sensations in the world!! The perfect balance of sweet and salty. THESE ARE THE BOMB!!

2. 300g activated muesli: Australia’s only activated muesli. Made with activated nut and seeds in a base of activated cinnamon buckwheat and combined with the delicious flavours of coconut flakes, dried figs, goji berries, vanilla bean powder and cinnamon powder. Completely free of puffed grains, industrial seed oils, gluten and concentrated sweeteners.

3. 250ml bottle of extra virgin cold pressed certified organic olive oil by Toscana Olives: produced by small family run business in Victoria, I have been buying and consuming their olive oil for over 5 years.

4. 30g activated almonds: our light and crispy activated almonds are one of our biggest selling activated nuts. These sample sized packs are the perfect size for a snack or can be popped into a handbag for those emergency moments when hunger strikes. 



The impetus for creating these hampers came from my own mother a few years back who asked for something that would provide nourishment and delight rather than “dust collecting crap that I don’t need or want” (that’s the English translation in short!). So I put together something that I as a mother would love to receive. Some of my favourite organic wholefood artisan treasures that nourish, satisfy, and delight! These are bound to entice even the fussiest of yummy mummies.

Priced at $55 each, these hampers come in brown Kraft boxes tied with beautiful ribbons.

We are selling a very limited quantity by pre-orders only. They can be collected just prior to Mother’s Day (8 May 2016) from our retail store Broth Bar & Larder or couriered to you for an additional shipping fee but must be ordered and paid for in advance.

to order simply text 0407 871 884 or eMAIL ORDERS@STARANISEORGANIC.COM

These will most certainly sell out, so order soon to avoid disappointment!