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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

September Newsletter

Becca Crawford


We are big fans of David from The Canadian Way. I love his story. A Canadian guy who lands in Australia to find himself more than a little miffed about the fact that the only salmon fillets and smoked salmon available in Australia were all farmed and not wild. I've written about the wild versus farmed fish thing here. So he started importing wild Salmon from his home country Canada. Then his friends wanted in, so he started importing for them too. Then the circle keep expanding and expanding and before long he had to give up his day job in IT to exclusively work on importing and distributing wild salmon products from Canada. When I met David 5 years ago he was still juggling 2 jobs. He also imports the Jakemans pure maple syrup which is our sweetener or choice in our sokolata.

Due to customer requests, we have now expanded our range of The Canadian Way products to the following:

Maple syrup 250ml glass jar
Maple syrup 1L plastic tub - NEW! 
Maple syrup 4L bladder in box (with tap)- NEW! 
Smoked salmon 250g - NEW! 
Salmon raw portions 500g
Salmon raw portions single serve 180g - NEW! 
Caviar (salmon roe). 


The CONSCIOUS CLUB IS BACK! Diarise 6pm Saturday 22nd October, Paddington Town Hall for an evening of THE POWER OF SOUND. BYO yoga mat to lie on and soak up the vibrations with 400 other people! 

Quantum field physics has proven that at the subtlest level of existence that EVERYTHING is VIBRATING. If it's vibrating, then it is making sound. The question is, what kind of sound ? A pleasant one, in tune with its surrounding and contributing in a positive way, or an out of tune one, disturbing the atmosphere.

Believe it or not us humans are vibrating and in the midst of our busy, technological world it's easy to get out of tune. 

Sound has been used for healing in cultures around the globe for millennia, but only recently, thanks to new scientific advances, have we begun to understand the profound benefit sound can elicit on our physical wellbeing and the elevating effect it has on our conscious state.

Matt Omo @thegongguru has been asked back to the Conscious Club after the huge success of the previously sold out and much talked about sound healing. Matt will provide deep insights into the effect of sound on the body, mind and spirit and lead us through a transformational sound immersion using a swag of instruments and innovative techniques to create a powerful 60 minute sound bath!

Also, international guests from Damanhur Sustainable Community in Northern Italy will explain their research of capturing the electromagnetic variations of plant leaves and roots. They will demonstrate how plants can sing! Bring your favourite pot plant along to see it to believe it. 

I will be there with another staff member handing out samples of our signature sokolata (raw dark chocolates) for everyone's dessert and we will also have a select range of products to sell. 

Tickets selling fast. Book your ticket here.

I hope to see you there and bathe in sound together 😉 


IMG_5136 (1).PNG

After sold-out events in Melbourne and Brisbane, The Wellness Festival is coming to Sydney on October 15! 

The Wellness Festival, held over one day, is a hub of activity featuring world class speakers (including LIsa Messenger founder of The Collective Hub,  presenter Laura Dundovic, Melissa Ambrosini author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, Sarah Holloway founder of Matcha Maiden, Julie Stevanja founder of Stylerunner), a live DJ, fresh coconuts, a workout sesh and The Wellness Market featuring Australia's top health brands and services. We are honoured and delighted that Star Anise Organic Wholefoods has been asked to have a stall offering a hearty meal of the day, bone broth and our activated nuts and raw treats for sale. 

Dubbed ‘the Coachella of the health world’ by Sporteluxe, The Wellness Festival is the first of its kind. Get your tickets here before they sell out!

4.   We are HIRING at all levels of the business. 

Star Anise Organic Wholefoods is growing day by day! To keep up with the continual increased demand for our products we are after people to fill 2 very different positions in the company. One is a full time kitchen hand helping to make our beautiful range of artisan wholefood products. The second role is a very dynamic full time salaried position working in the management of the business with me. To apply for either position contact me directly Soulla Chamberlain (creator and director) by email at or by phone 0407 871 884. 

5. Broth Bar & Larder menu for warmer weather

Our meals of the day sell out most days at Broth Bar & Larder. Seems like people love and crave good ol' fashioned honest home-made fare. And that's exactly what we are all about. 


As the weather is warming, we are serving up at Broth Bar & Larder more slow cooked pot roasts with salads (as opposed to casseroles). Pot roasts are one of my favourite ways of eating meat. It's very similar to a casserole but doesn't involve adding any liquid or root veggies to the cast iron pot. Just heavily seasoned pastured meat with the lid on for 15-24 hours at low heat to produce the most flavoursome tender melt-in-your-mouth meat. One of our customers recently said in relation to the Indian lamb shoulder pot roast the other day "I regularly eat your meal of the day here but this is one of the best meals I have ever eaten". 


If you don't feel like something hot to, our all-day breakfast smoothie bowl topped with our signature activated muesli is perfect for this warmer weather. 

I crafted this muesli several years ago because there wasn't a properly prepared clean muesli in Australia that I could lay my hands on i.e. a muesli that ticks ALL these boxes: 

+ the nuts and seeds are activated (soaked and dehydrated to reduce phytic acid found in all nuts and seeds that lead to digestive distress and poor nutrient absorption);
+ AND doesn't contain gluten (we use activated cinnamon dusted buckwheat);
+ AND contains only certified organic ingredients (conventional nuts and seeds are heavily sprayed);
+ AND doesn't contain puffed grains (nutritionally devoid);
+ AND doesn't contain concentrated sweeteners.

Take a look at the ingredients on the back of your muesli packet. Does the muesli that you are currently eating tick ALL these boxes? I still don't think that there is any other properly prepared muesli on the market... And even though I'm a bacon and eggs girl 99% of the time, occasionally my kids and I crave a cooler crunchy brekky. Our muesli is sold pre packaged as well as dine-in or take-away. And our favourite way of serving it dine-in or take-away at Broth Bar & Larder is with your choice of broth-infused smoothie (raw cacao, strawberry, mango, cinnamon cashew, or salted caramel). Don't worry, you can't taste those 2 sneaky beef broth cubes when they are frozen!  Beef broth when frozen just adds frothiness without affecting the taste. Trust me on this one. We can also make our smoothies without the broth cubes if you are vegetarian/vegan. 

I hope you can try our activated muesli smoothie bowl soon (and if you do let me know your feedback!)


I'm running more ALL THINGS CHOCOLATE and ESSENTIAL OILS workshops in term 4. If you missed out on attending these workshops in the past or aren't already down to attend the ones I'm running in October, please email so I can add your name to any upcoming new classes I may run. 

I also hope to run some gluten-free cakes and muffins workshops too- dates to be advised shortly so stay tuned! For all enquiries about my workshops or to come to one of my workshops for free as a helper please contact me directly Soulla Chamberlain (creator and director) by email on or by phone 0407 871 884. 


If your wondering if our maple-sweetened  fruit & activated nut sokolata looks a little different it's because she's had a little makeover! We have had fun bulking up our recipe to make her even more beautiful and delicious than ever by including 7 different activated nuts and seeds (instead of just 2) and 3 different fruits (dried figs, coconut flakes and goji berries). We hope you love the new flavour sensations as much as we do!

All our artisan chocolates are free of refined sugars, artificial ingredients, soy lecithins, milk powders and agave syrup. Using only certified organic pure ingredients we pride ourselves on producing the finest quality crap-free artisan chocolates and raw treats. 


Now that the school holidays are upon us, I hope you busy mums remember to make a little time each day to connect with nature, breathe some fresh air, connect with your kids, and just be. It's not a luxury, it's a necessity!