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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

Lettuce Deliver taking over Abundant Organics


Abundant Organics- my online organic retailer of raw dairy, bones, livers, chicken feet, meat, produce and loads more- has recently closed for financial reasons. They have come to an agreement with Lettuce Deliver (based in Homebush) to support customers. All standing orders for raw dairy (ie Cleopatra's milk and cream) can now be filled by Lettuce Deliver. Like Abundant Organics, Lettuce Deliver is a one stop shop supplier of organic food and products. I have been liaising with Lettuce Deliver over the past couple of days and took my first delivery of raw dairy, beef bones, chook carcasses and produce today. I was impressed with the quality of the fresh produce, their service and how receptive they were to my requests for new products. They require customers to purchase a minimum of $30 of produce. They deliver to Bronte 4 times a week with a $6.60 delivery fee. Check out delivery days for your suburb and ordering cut-off times on their website (click on the Lettuce Deliver hyperlink above).

Lettuce Deliver currently stock Cleavers brand of organic meat but shortly will be switching over to Cherry Tree Organic pastured meat from Victoria. Although it is not currently advertised on their site, Lettuce Deliver tell me that they can consistently offer Cherry Tree organic beef bones and chook carcasses (for making stock)  so if you are interested in this please let them know. I also impressed on them the importance of supplying chicken livers (for making pate) and chicken feet (the only way to make chicken stock gelatinous) and they are currently confirming whether or not they can supply these too from Cherry Tree Organics. Fingers crossed. You don't ask, you don't get. That's been my motto in life and it's served me very well to date :-) (always asking sweetly of course!)

While I do also like to physcially go and check out fresh produce in a store (such as Just Organics on Oxford St or BU Organics on Ebley St), I find it convenient to have my 10 litres of raw milk delivered to my home on a weekly basis to save me lugging it from the shops to home (especially in small car with kids in tow!). So I use a combination of retail stores and on-line delivery.

I used to use Lettuce Deliver about 8 years ago then switched to Abundant Orgnaics (for reasons that escape me). Funny how I've now come full circle back to Lettuce Deliver. That's life.

If you try out Lettuce Deliver let me know what you think of them.