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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

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The Farm and The City!

Becca Crawford

The Farm Wholefoods is a new concept wholefoods store that has recently opened in Macleay Street, Potts Point. The focus of the huge barn-style store with soaring ceilings is the sale of bulk (as opposed to packaged) goods as well as a wholefoods cafe.

Bulk goods on sale include:

·   grains

·   legumes

·   nuts and seeds

·   dried fruit

·   flours

·   teas

·   oils and vinegars (eg olive oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, tamari)

·   sweet treats (eg bliss balls)

·   superfood powders (eg Lucuma)

·   sweeteners (eg coconut sugar, honey)

The in-store café cleverly showcases wholefoods from the bulk pantry with delicious dishes that feed and educate customers while they shop, showing them various ways they can incorporate different ingredients into their cooking. In addition to tea, coffee and cold pressed juices, is my hot chicken stock (500ml frozen containers of my stock are also sold). There is also kombucha on tap and their infamous dairy-free cocowhip. Perch yourself on the bench while sipping your cup of broth and licking your cocowhip and watch the world go by.

I recently interviewed owner Josh Thompson about his mission and reasons for opening The Farm Wholefoods. This guy loves food. Talking about it, buying it, cooking it, eating it. But most importantly, he loves wholesome food that will nourish and sustain us. Me too! He quotes Masanobu Fukuoka who said, ‘The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.’

Josh believes in celebrating our growers, producers and suppliers. “We want to reduce food miles and provide a more direct link from our farmers’ paddocks to your family’s pantry. We want to create a weekly food shopping experience that takes you out of the city, walks you onto the farm, sits you down and makes you a cold pressed juice or hot broth, and then opens up its pantry for you to have a forage through. We want to revolutionise the way you eat and we will do that by changing the way you buy your food.”

This guy is on a mission to reduce packaging waste. “We know the average person throws away 200kgs of packaging waste every year, so we are buying in bulk to reduce excessive packaging.”

Josh Thompson grew up spending his school holidays on his family’s farm in Mollymook. When he met his partner Lisa, they would head to the farm together, escaping the city for long weekends. They felt increasingly aware of how detached their city lifestyle was to nature and the land. The birth of their daughter Indiana only increased their eagerness for a change. Both Lisa and Josh quit their jobs, and The Farm Wholefoods was born.


3/81 MacleAy st, potts point, NSW
 Phone number is 1300 464 869



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