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Melbourne talk on Food is Medicine & The Fundamentals of Robust Nutrition


This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

Melbourne talk on Food is Medicine & The Fundamentals of Robust Nutrition

Becca Crawford


I am super excited to announce that I will be presenting a unique 3 hour presentation in Melbourne on Food is Medicine and The Fundamentals of Robust Nutrition, limited to 20 people on Saturday 4 August.  

In my renowned uncomplicated, no-nonsense, practical approach I will discuss the fundamentals of good nutrition and bust mainstream myths that have contributed to the epidemic of modern illness and degenerative disease. I am deeply passionate about educating people on how to reduce the mismatch we experience every single day between our ancient DNA and our dietary choices. By educating ourselves on what our DNA is designed to consume and experience, we can take simple steps to reduce the mismatch which causes illness and disease.

Health issues, pharmaceutical band-aids, and confusion and stress over what, when and how to eat might be considered “normal” in today’s society, however, this is not a natural state of being and you don’t have to settle to live that way.  

While health is multifactorial (and directly dependent upon factors such as movement, sleep, breath, stress management, spending time in nature, having some fun and play, and feeling connected to ourselves and to others), nourishing your body with the anti-inflammatory nutritionally-dense foods that we are designed to eat is, I believe, the fastest and easiest way of reclaiming and maintaining spectacular health and has the most profound impact. 

Even though the information I will present is source of general information only and not tailored to individual or specific health issues, what I have witnessed and experienced over the past 2 decades is that in the vast majority of cases consciously addressing the foundations of our health -  starting with simple, positive and meaningful dietary changes -  can seamlessly resolve specific health issues and can result in profound shifts in our health and wellbeing. Small changes can have a big impact that can make you function properly and perform your best to reach your true potential.  Without a solid foundation of health, you have nothing and will only ever be a fraction of what you can truly be.  

By the end of the presentation, my mission is to make you feel empowered that you have all the information, tools and resources you need to reclaim and maintain your and your family’s health and wellbeing so that you can be the best possible version of yourself and live the full and vibrant life that you so truly deserve. 

I am thrilled to also announce that I have secured Marieke Rodenstein, Australia’s preeminent wholefoods dietician based in Melbourne whom I have had the privilege of working closely with over the past 8 years, to attend this talk with me. Marieke will be available to answer your questions. Our collective forte is to combine the wisdom of ancestral diets with the latest developments in nutritional medicine and robust science, to provide you with all the tools and resources you need on your journey towards robust health and renewed vitality. Due to being in overwhelming demand across Australia, Marieke only takes on board a limited number of new patients who have been directly referred to her should you wish to work with her going forward after our presentation to address your specific health issues. 

What I Will Discuss:

I will explain in a group setting all the subject matter that I typically only discuss in my one-on-one 3 hour health coaching sessions charged for a fraction of the cost. I appreciate that not everyone can afford the financial investment of a one on one health coaching session with me, and due to numerous requests, this is precisely why I am rolling out group sessions and pleased that I can kick off my first group session in Melbourne where I lived for almost 10 years  - a city that ignited my love of food and all things culinary. 

I will be discussing:

  • The 2 broad epigenetic factors that influence our health and well being
  • A brief overview of the 8 Foundations of Health before homing in on nutrition and hydration
  • The 3 distinct periods of evolution from a nutritional point of view
  • Why the standard western diet has been a complete failure
  • Why traditional societies pre industrial revolution lived in a state of perfect robust health
  • My nutritional philosophy on what we as a species are designed to eat
  • What are the most nutrient-dense wholefoods that we should be eating
  • Where our food comes from (provenance) and how its been processed 
  • Where to source wholefoods most affordably and the relevant due diligence questions to ask 
  • Myth busting around saturated fat
  • Macronutrient ratios and what your plate should look like
  • How to properly prepare food super simply and efficiently while maximising its nutritional benefits and flavour
  • The 3 main buckets of dietary toxins and why they wreak havoc on our health
  • Safe sugars, safe grains, and safe fats
  • How to transition from a conventional diet to nutrient-dense wholefoods diet with step by step healthy swaps. 


Detailed nutritional theory discussion covering the same ground that you would receive in a one-on-one 3 hour private health coaching session with me that is valued at $450 (this is a massive saving of over $200).

  • A 20 page folder with numerous fact sheets to take home that will set you up for life
  • Wholefood tastings of our activated nuts, chicken liver pate, raw dark chocolate, tea infused with peppermint essential oil, and filtered water infused with lemon essential oil.
  • Opportunity to ask questions of myself and of Marieke Rodenstein

THIS presentation IS IDEAL FOR:

  • Those who are stressed and confused about what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, macronutirent ratios, where to source wholefoods from most affordably (especially if you’re on a budget) and how to properly prepare their food.
  • Those who suffer, or have family members who suffer, from health issues (such as low immunity, git issues such as gas, bloating or constipation, excess weight, under weight, skin conditions, lethargy, troubled sleep, absent /irregular periods, PMT, inability to conceive, recurrent colds and flues, excessive mucous, osteo-skeletal issues such as aches and pains, depression, low libido, brain fog, cavities).
  • Those who want to reduce time in the kitchen and/or simplify meals without ever compromising nutrient-density.
  • Those who deal with picky and fussy eaters.
  • Those who are worried that their children are not thriving or functioning as best they could be.
  • Those wanting to reduce or eliminate gluten, refined sugar and processed foods generally but don’t know where to start and don’t want to feel deprived of their favourite treats or deprive others in their home of their favorite foods.
  • Those who want to know recommended practitioners in Melbourne that they can work with who are on exactly the same nutritional and lifestyle page (including GPs, Naturopaths, Dentists, Osteopaths and Building Biologists). 
  • Those who are generally healthy, fit and food conscious but want to take their health and well-being to the next level by solidifying their nutritional knowledge and practical how-to skills

WHEn and where:

Saturday 4th August 9AM - 12PM

Please arrive by 8:45am at the very latest so that we can promptly kick off by 9am. I’m expecting a large turnout so please book in early as places are strictly limited as this is at a residential home. Please forward to any family and friends who might be interested. 

Where: 14 Huntingtower Road Armadale, Victoria, 3143


Thank you so much for yesterday - you absolutely OVERDELIVERED & I am so grateful to have found someone who was able to meet me at my level of expertise and take me to the next level!
— Abbie
I LOVED our session and am so grateful for your knowledge and keeping things simple and congruent...just the reminder I needed and other key information to help me make changes
— Shayne
Soulla, you are incredible, thank you. Since I saw you last, I have confidence again, and so much passion for cooking. You have opened up my eyes and brought out my domestic goddess. It’s exactly the push I needed. What a difference a day with you made! My 1 year old daughter is glowing, her skin rash gone, she is thriving, most importantly her appetite has come back ten-fold, and she is really enjoying eating the meal-plan, as are we! She is having fist-fulls of organic bacon and egg cheese scramble and kraut and olive oil carrots. She also now loves her bolognaise since I have started adding bone broth to it every dinner meal. She has a little spoon of pate daily too, it’s so yummy. I’ve noticed she is no longer relying on formula milk too. She actually goes to bed just on a bit of a breast feed and she is happy with that - amazing. I’ve also noticed with myself, that the more bone-broth and salted water I have, the more it curbs my sugar cravings too. Love your work, just love you. Thank you for being so open and caring and sharing your knowledge and recipes. Can’t wait to try them out and use them to improve my family’s nourishment. Such a gift...
— Dominika



I look forward to seeing you in Melbourne!

CANCELLATION POLICY: Once payment has been made, your place is non-refundable. If you can not make it due to last minute unforseen circumstances, feel free to gift your place to a friend and let me know. Thank you for your understanding.