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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

Special Bone Broth Workshop in Country NSW

Becca Crawford

I am excited to be running one final bone broth workshop this year in country NSW for all my country peeps in the gorgeous town of High Range (15mins from Mittagong). This will be your last opportunity to attend one of my Broth workshops in person this year... and in a picturesque country setting to boot! 


One of my missions in life is to bring this age-old elixir of health back to the modern table. With a vengeance. And a playful twist. 

Home-made stock (aka bone broth) was a staple in all traditional cultures. People of yesterdays ate nose to tail – meaning that the whole of the animal (including the bones, fat and organ meat) was consumed. In fact these ‘odd bits’ were the mostly highly prized part of a kill for our hunter-gatherer ancestors, as they worked out through trial and error over millennia that they were the most nutrient-dense. Today, most people in Western society simply don’t consume home-made broth on a regular basis, either because of lack of information or know-how on where to source or how to prepare broth properly and deliciously. Here’s your opportunity to build strong immunity, robust digestive function and vibrant health by learning how.

I’ll teach you the ins and outs and everything you need to know about how to make a gelatinous, delicious broth and how to incorporate it in your and your family’s daily diet. 

I have a e-folder full of testimonials about how my bone broth and my broth making workshops changed people lives, like this one:

Hi Soulla, I’ve made a dedicated effort to drink broth every day for the last couple of months and the pain in my arthritic hands has almost gone….It’s a miracle!!
— Sandy Tate


  • A basic bone broth (both assembling and straining)
  • Various broth based soups
  • A dessert
  • A broth-infused smoothie


  • Detailed 1 hour theory discussion on the nutritional benefits of bone broth, FAQs in making bone broth, where to source bones, how to incorporate it into your day to day life and any precautions in consuming bone broth
  • Detailed workshop booklet including theory, step by step guides & recipes
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Hands-on experience
  • Food tasting that incorporates various types of stock
  • Opportunity to ask questions


  • Those who are interested in making or perfecting their own home-made broth
  • Those who suffer, or have family members who suffer, from low immunity (eg frequent colds, infections) or gut/digestive issues (eg leaky gut, auto-immunity including skin conditions)
  • Anyone who suffers from any osteo-skeletal issues or inflammation
  • Athletes, pregnant or nursing mothers, mothers of young children
  • Those aspiring more vibrant health, glowing hair and skin, resilient immune system and better quality sleep
  • People who routinely make and consume broth but wish to hear more about the nutritional benefits of broth or wish to gain some culinary tips
  • Those who want to try new things and broaden their culinary repertoire


Sunday 5 November, 1-4pm at the beautiful home of nutritionist Therese Cullen, 50 Harrison Lane, High Range, NSW. 

For those travelling afar, take the opportunity to spend a "day in the country" as it's only 1.5 hrs from Sydney and hit google for accomodation in Mittagong, Berrima or Bowral (15 mins from the venue). 


Cancellation Policy: Please note that once payment has been made, it is non-refundable and your place can not be moved to a different date. If you can not make it due to last minute unforseen circumstances, feel free to gift your place to a friend and let me know. Thank you for your understanding.