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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

Paleo Cafe opens in Bondi Junction!


IMG_5532Last Wednesday saw the opening of the new Paleo Cafe  in Bondi Junction. Paleo Cafe is a franchise (Paleo Cafe  Cairns opened in October).  It would be unfair to review a new cafe or restarant within the first month of opening while any (inevitable) teething problems are sorted out, so I'm just letting you know in this post that it's there and open for business on Oxford Street (midway between Just Organics and the mall) and to share with you what's on offer.
Ok, so there's breakfast from 7:30-11am and lunch is 11:30-3pm.IMG_5533
The lunch menu features soups ($9), curries ($17), shepherd's pie ($17), various salads ($14), grass fed steak ($22), a chicken dish ($22), salmon ($22), slow roasted pork belly ($18), desserts ($9).  The caveman's big breakfast looks good for $20 and there's a separate kids menu. The drinks menu has some lovely sounding juices and bullet proof coffee (black coffee blended with MCT oil - which is an extract of coconut oil- and butter).
I ordered the Shepherds Pie which had sweet potato mash on top (served with green side salad) for $17 and a bullet proof coffee for $4.50. My friend ordered the chicken mango macadamia nut salad which looked awesome.

IMG_5534The menu is gluten-free, grain/legume-free, dairy-free, preservative-free and sugar-free.

Here are the pluses (bearing in mind I've only been once):
  • Pastured meats and eggs
  • The only oil used to cook with is coconut oil- no processed oils used
  • Staff were friendly, relaxed and happily took time out to chat and answer questions
  • The new Lady J cafe next door was empty whereas Paleo Cafe was full (a sign that this is filling a need in the community)
  • Lots of tables/space
  • Quick service
  • Paleo books and lifestyle products  for sale
  • Bullet proof coffee is offered (great for those who can not consume lactose)
  • Prices reasonable for eastern suburbs
  • All food is available for takeawayIMG_5535
So the big question for me is going to be the provenance of the meat and eggs which wasn't something that the owner was able to go into when I asked him.
Clean wholefood places are hard to come by in the eastern suburbs so if I was in the Junction and looking for somewhere to eat, or wanted to catch up with someone over a meal or coffee, I would happily go back (and intend to!). Stay tuned for further updates on this one down the track. In the meantime check them out, share what you think, and kudos to Greg Sawyer for making this happen and bringing more wholefood choices to our doorsteps!
For more information call Paleo Cafe on 02 9386 0163.