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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

You know you're a primal mama when....


group-of-kidsEvery so often I wonder what the ordinary bloke in Mainstream Street would say if they were a fly on the wall in my house overhearing conversations we have about food and lifestyle choices. So this post is dedicated to the somewhat unconventional community to which I (proudly) belong. As much as I am a details person and firmly stand by my nutritional and lifestyle choices, it is equally important (and fun) to stand back, look at the broader picture, and have a good belly laugh at ourselves every now and again. Here goes.....
You know you're a Primal Mama when your kids say.....
"Daddy you forgot to add salt in my water!"
"Mum where are you, why aren't you answering us?!? Are you oil pulling again?"
"No thanks,  we don't eat sugar"
"Is that fake food?"
"Please don't put that on us, mummy says we don't need to wear sunscreen"
"Mum can I add the epsom salts and coconut oil to our bath water tonight?"
"William! Don't drink water from the bubbler! It's not filtered!!"
"Mum, is there lambs brains in this again?"
"Do I have to eat all of my sauerkraut?"
"Can I please have a piece of bread- it's sourdough!!"
"But it was only a little teeny bit of screen time!"
"What's a vaccine?"
"Is this toothpaste fluoride-free?"
And even more kudos to you if your kids effortlessly rattle off the following terminology in casual conversation:
  • "Cleos"
  • "cod liver oil"
  • "good bacteria"
  • "bad bacteria"
  • "bone broth"
  • "raw cacao powder "
  • "raw milk"
  • "goji berries"
  • "Steiner playgroup"
  • "wholefoods"
  • "co-sleeping"
If you can relate......then you're a healthy, vital, primal family!!! Congratulations!