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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

2-ingredient raspberry fool


IMG_2987 Someone recently asked me if I get more excited about making main meals or desserts. The pragmatist in me initially retorted with "mains" because they are the staple and hence should be the focus. Deservedly so. But truth be told, when it comes to excitement, desserts win hands down. Why? Because they are decadent. And sweet. And because I've got a naughty streak. And because they are a little like magic- the end product (be it the cake, muffin, tart, ice-cream etc) doesn't resemble at all the raw ingredients that you started with (eg eggs, butter, cream, fruit etc), much unlike a casserole or other main which pretty much looks the same as the pre-cooked version.


Anyone who has been following my blog for some time will know that my food philosophy is all about teaming simplicity with nutrient density. Getting the most  nutrient-rich bang for as little possible time. Because we all have (and want) other things to do than spend all day in the kitchen! Any recipe that requires numerous ingredients or requires me to "beat egg whites until stiff" has lost me. Raspberry fool traditionally requires the cream to be beaten until stiff. You can certainly do this (and all the more power to you!) but I honestly don't think it's necessary for the time and effort spent and doesn't add much, if anything, to the flavour.

Here's my super quick 2-ingredient spin on this classic dessert:

2 cups (approx) of fresh or frozen raspberries (or mixed berries) 1 cup cream (or cream cheese or yogurt)


Blend (with handheld blender) 1 cup of the berries with cream until well mixed. Alternatively layer the creamed mixture with the plain berries in a glass ending with a scattering of berries on top. This serves 3-4 depending on size of cups. I made  espresso cup sized one for my 2 kids (see photo).

Over the years I've gradually reduced the need for sweeteners to the bare minimum- my body no longer craves it - so I still enjoy desserts without all the sugar. This dessert is sweet enough for me. But if you find it too tart and want a sweeter taste, add a drizzle (up to a tablespoon) of unrefined sweetener (eg maple syrup or raw honey) to the cream before blending.

I buy frozen berries from Woollies (refer to the 2 brands in the photo on above) because they are 1/2 the price of the same ones sold in organic stores. Along with wild tinned fish, frozen berries are the only other food item I buy from a supermarket. The rest is from organic stores or farmers markets. And as much as I like to support family run organic stores and farmers markets, the price differential when it comes to berries is significant enough that I justify  buying whoever is cheapest given the large quantity we go through on a daily basis. (I add frozen berries to our morning smoothie).

Stay tunes for more recipes, hot drinks and other ideas to keep warm this winter!