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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

New brand of raw milk hits the shelves


This week a new brand of raw (unpasturised and unhomogenised) milk has hit the Sydney shelves. Like Cleopatra's bath milk, this new milk is intended for cosmetic use only. As with everything I put in and on my body, its source and processing is paramount so I called the farmer to say G'Day and got the following low down to share if you're interested:

The cows are exclusively fed grass (this is a good thing as its the only things that cows are biologically designed to eat). However on very rare occasions when the grass is not plentiful they are supplemented with certified organic grain. I've been told that grain feeding is not required this year as there is plenty of green grass thanks to all the rain. The dairy farm, which is located in Lakes Entrance, and the milk are both certified organic. There are approx 250 jersey cows of which 100 are milking. This farm was purchased 2 years from the people that used to run Aphrodites bath milk (remember that one?). The farmers have been goat dairy farmers for the past 30 years making the lovely Alpine goat yogurt which my family and I have been consuming for ages. They are now focusing on the cows milk in addition to goats dairy. (As an aside, I was interested to learn that the Alpine goats yogurt is made from raw goats milk. However the process of making yogurt itself heats the milk- in this case to 90 degrees. Which is not necessarily a bad thing as the culturing process adds back many enzymes that may have been destroyed through heating). back to the new raw milk, for stock lists in Sydney you can contact the exclusive distributors Sydney City Organics. I received a bottle from the online organic store Abundant Organics at They retail it for $8.95/2 litters. As to who else sells it I haven't checked but I suspect that we will see it retailing at all of the usual suspects shortly e.g. Wholefoods House, Dr Earth, Bondi Health Emporium etc.

For stocklists in Melbourne contact their exclusive distributor Maria's Select Food on 03 9380 5800.

The farmers are also selling raw cream but alas at this junction it is only sold in Victoria only.

Happy Bathing!!!