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Activated SNACK MIX

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Activated SNACK MIX

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Activated SNACK MIX

from 14.95

A mix of 8 different deliciously light and crispy activated nuts and seeds teamed with antioxidant-rich gojis, flaked coconut and dried figs. The perfect blend of sweet and savoury. The perfect nutrient-dense snack, pre-dinner appetiser, or nibblies when unexpected guests pop over.   

($14.95) | 300g ($32.95) | 500g ($49.95)

Ingredients: almonds* (Australia), pecans* (Australia), cashews* (Vietnam), brazil nuts* (Bolivia), walnuts* (USA), macadamia nuts* (Australia), hazelnuts* (Turkey), Styrian black pumpkin seeds* (Austria), coconut flakes* (Sri Lanka), dried figs* (Turkey) and goji berries* (China), Himalayan salt (Pakistan) and raw apple cider vinegar*. May contain traces of peanuts, other tree nuts and sesame seeds. *Australian certified organic

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