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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

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Father's Day Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Becca Crawford


Father's Day is Sunday 2 Sept 2018. Holy smokes that came around quickly!

We have crafted especially for the blokes these epic chocolate coated coffee beans ! Just when you thought that our raw dark chocolate (sokolata) couldn't get any better...These are diabolical...

Combining my love of real raw dark unadulterated (i.e. crap free) chocolate (sweetened only with pure maple syrup) and my love of Sacred Grounds organic fair trade coffee beans. 2 coffee beans in every square...An espresso hit that will get his motor running and humming. These are retailing for $13.95/100g bags at Broth Bar & Larder or we can courier to Sydney and Wollongong areas. Limited quantities so get in quick! To prepay and pre-order call Broth Bar directly on 0421 786 009 or email

We wrote on the packet that this one is for the blokes but I reckon there's going to be a tug of war between the sexes on these babies!


Celebrate Mother’s Day with some healthy indulgence!

Becca Crawford



For me, it has been the most incredibly rewarding journey. And to be honest, not without its hardships either. My children are my greatest teachers. They remind me on a minute to minute basis how much I still need to grow as a mother and as a person. I probably wouldn’t have changed careers had it not been for them and they provide me with constant inspiration in both my personal and professional life. My children bring up in me the full gamut of emotions – from sheer wonderment, to unconditional love to utter exasperation. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I truly understood that a love so pure and intense even existed, nor truly appreciated the sacrifices that my own mother had made to raise me.

To my own mother, and to all my fellow mothers out there: I salute you. I see first hand through my health coaching sessions, cooking classes and from meeting and talking to you every day at Broth Bar & Larder just how hard you are working for the health of your family. I see the effort you put into making nourishing meals and the hurdles that you are overcoming in the pursuit of providing your children with the best start in life. I am in awe of you and I want each and every one of you to take a moment to reflect on all that you do, to appreciate your worth and to take a little time out on Mother’s Day to savour all of the delights showered your way no matter how great or small.

To celebrate and honour the mothers in our lives and the incredible role they play, we have crafted something truly special this year. An organic muesli of the highest quality. We started with our organic hand-crafted muesli (to read why our muesli is so unique and of the highest quality that you will find in Australia, click here). We then infused it with Ovvio Organics rose petals and pieces of our signature maple-sweetened raw dark chocolate for the ultimate healthy indulgence.  

The impetus for creating this muesli came from my own mother a few years back who asked for something that would provide nourishment and delight rather than “dust collecting crap that I don’t need or want” (that’s the English translation of the Greek version!). So I put together something that I as a mother would love to receive. Organic artisan wholefood that will nourish, satisfy, and delight! This muesli is bound to entice even the fussiest of yummy mummies, and those who need or want for nothing.

Retailing at $25.50/300g, we are selling a very limited quantity only. These make a beautiful gift in and of themselves or as an inclusion in a hamper as part of a larger gift. For ideas on what to include in a Mother’s Day hamper, I can suggest a bottle of Toscana cold pressed extra virgin olive oil which we sell at Broth Bar & Larder, a packet of our activated macadamia nuts, our fruit & nut raw dark chocolate,  our macadamia nut sokolata and/or our choc orange bliss balls.  My friendly staff and I are more than happy to help you construct a hamper if you bring in the box for us to fill. 

As our Mother’s Day muesli contains our pure chocolate, it does require refrigeration.  Purchase prior to Mother’s Day (13 May 2017) from our retail store Broth Bar & Larder or if you prefer to have a packet couriered to you for an additional shipping fee please pre-pay and order on 0421 786 009 or in advance.

I will leave you with some of my favourite quotes on motherhood. I hope these resonate with you as much as they do with me.


Easter 2018!

Becca Crawford


Our nutrient-dense no-crap Easter chocolates are once again available for purchase at Broth Bar & Larder

This is artisan chocolate alchemy made with the highest quality ingredients. To create our Easter range, I took  our original sokolata recipe and tweaked it to make it more kid-friendly for younger palates.

download (1).png

As usual, we have two fabulous offerings this Easter! 


These little fellows are made of solid raw dark chocolate and retail for $22.50 (cheaper than the Lindt ones I saw in Woollies!). Perfect for all the yummy mummies, delicious daddies and little bunnies out there….these will get your bunny tails shaking! 


These delightful little half eggs are the perfect mouth-sized treat. Each egg is decorated with either a goji berry, an activated almond or activated cinnamon buckwheat. You can pop them into some hard plastic egg-shaped containers from $2 shops for those treasured Easter egg hunts (pictured below). 

They are retailing for $15/100g bag and each bag has a mixture of the 3 flavours. 


Our artisan Easter chocolate is made with the following 3 pure ingredients:

  • Certified organic raw cacao powder
  • Certified organic raw cacao butter
  • Mineral rich pure Canadian maple syrup

In keeping with previous years traditions we have reformulated our signature raw dark chocolate recipe by reducing the amount of raw cacao powder to make it less bitter for younger palates. Because it is less bitter, we reduced the amount of maple syrup as less sweetener is needed when there is less raw cacao powder. Commercial manufacturers increase the amount of sweetener for kids’ chocolates but we did the exact opposite as we know how unnecessary and damaging an excess of sweeteners are, especially for young growing bodies. The result is a silky smooth melt-in-your-mouth buttery sensation with a hint of raw dark chocolate. We trialled these on the harshest of critics (kids!) and got the big thumbs up!

To read about the nutritional benefits of raw cacao powder and what’s in commercially-produced chocolate that you might want to steer clear of (such as soy lecithins, refined sweetens, agave syrup, preservatives, milk powders), read one of my earlier newsletters here.

If these Easter chocolates don’t take your fancy, there’s always our sokolata (raw dark chocolate slabs…choose from 4 different flavours) or our raw cacao coconut balls (sweetened with whole medjool dates). 


To avoid disappointment, I strongly encourage you to pre-order and pre-pay for your Easter chocolates by calling the friendly staff at Broth Bar & Larder on 0421 786 009 or emailing us at and we will put packets aside for you. We can also courier the Easter chocolates to Sydney Metro Areas for an additional courier fee.

We are closed over the Easter 4 day public holiday long weekend 30 March – 2 April.