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This blog started as a way for me to share my recipes + culinary adventures, tips for vibrant health + happiness, thoughts on the latest developments in nutritional medicine + the low down on the Sydney wholefoods scene and beyond...

Halloween healthy trick or treat bags!!

Becca Crawford


Any parent on a conscious consumption path shudders at the thought of Halloween, or more specifically at the part where strangers  thrust stupendous amounts of junk /artificial crap/ "non-food"/ rubbish /toxic treats  (insert your word of choice) into our darling little monsters. I first started blogging about how to tackle the Halloween issue a few years back here. Not wanting to deprive my kids entirely from the Halloween trick or treating experience (just the junk food part), I had to come up with some creative solutions. 

Photo 28-7-18, 12 17 31 pm.jpg

The solution….healthy swapping!

The solution is a realization that this is not about deprivation! This is about providing a healthy alternative to every piece of junk.

So instead of humiliating my kids by holding up a placard emblazed with “Dear fellow residents, can you stop poisoning my kids pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!", a few years ago I decided to take matters into my own hands and provide my community with a healthy Halloween trick or treat bag. Why? Because none exist in the market and it's high time we start a ripple effect that demonstrates:

1. As parents we care what goes into our children's bodies as we know full well the effect that refined sugar and artificial ingredients have on children’s IQ, behaviour, growth, and their emotional and physical health in general;

2. We are fed up with what passes as treats for our kids – junk food is called precisely that for a reason! Allowing them junk food even occasionally is sending them the message that “Its ok to put rubbish in your body”. Is it really ok?

3. Healthy treats are just as, or even more, delicious than the junk food that gets handed out at Halloween without all the toxic ingredients. So why not healthy swap?!?!

Our healthy treat bags have been a massive hit in past years and we could barely keep up with the demand. Parents came out of the woodwork expressing how grateful they were that healthy alternatives to junk food exists and that they no longer have to deal with the Halloween nightmare and the associated learning, behavioural and skin issues that often result when junk food is consumed.

What’s in our healthy treat bags?

Our healthy treat bags contain some of our best selling kiddie treats at Broth Bar & Larder:

🎃 1x raspberry gummie made with certified organic raspberries, GelPro grass fed gelatin powder and the teeniest amount of pure Canadian maple syrup (less than 1/10 teaspoon per gummy)
🎃 1 x mango gummie made with certified organic mangos, GelPro grass fed gelatin powder and an even smaller amount of maple syrup as mangos are naturally sweet
🎃 1x mint carob bears made with certified organic carob powder, certified organic raw cacao butter and therapeutic-grade food-grade Young Living peppermint essential oil (the most pure essential oils on the planet) .... With NO ADDED SWEETENER WHATSOEVER!!! 
🎃 1x raw cacao bliss ball made with certified organic raw cacao butter, certified organic raw cacao butter, certified organic coconut oil, and certified organic medjool dates. 
🎃1x choc orange bliss ball made wiuth the same ingredients as above but with added therapeutic-grade food-grade Young Living orange essential oil (the most pure essential oils on the planet)

All ingredients are hand made on the premises at Broth Bar & Larder and free of nuts, grains, gluten, and dairy. 

The above have all been road tested on kids and every single one gave them the big  "I want more please?!" 🙌🙌🏻

How to use our healthy treat bags?

You can use our bags in three different ways:

1. Take them with you when going trick or treating and let your kids munch on some of the healthy snacks rather than the crappy confectionary they will be given (which you can accept graciously then turf at home). If you have no healthy alternatives with you, I can assure you that the temptation to eat junk is just too great for kids.

2. When you get back home use the treats in the healthy teat bag as a healthy swap for all of the crap that they will be given.

3. Use the treats when a little ghost or Dracula comes knocking on YOUR door.  You'll feel good knowing that you have provided a little soul with something actually good for them.

How to purchase

Our treat bags are available from Broth Bar & Larder in Bronte or you can email us at and we can courier them to you for those who live in Sydney and Wollongong. 

As gummies have a 2 week expiry date if you intend to use the bags for Halloween I strongly recommend that you collect them or arrange for them to be couriered in the last week of October. Please store our treat bags in fridge

Limited quantities are available so to avoid disappointment we encourage you to pre-order and pre-pay on 0421 786 009.  

HAPPY TRICK OR TREATING (without breaking out into a cold sweat)!!!!! 👻👹😈🎃👽💀

I would love to know what you think of these healthy treat bags. Please share your thoughts below!